onsdag 7 december 2011

Nearing Completion

It is said that: "A picture says more than a thousand words". 
I believe that is true -  so this blog will be more of a “pictureblog”

We last left off from my previous blog on September 9, when the roof of the new Ministry Center was poured. The building was all gray, with scaffolding all around. It was difficult at that stage to imagine that it would be just like a gem in front of the majestic mango trees. But follow the picture sequence and you will see…

Decorative stones are being added to the front

The inner yard taking shape

Scaffolding all around
Now beginning to see the end result

The back side of the building is still a mess
 ...but now things are starting to happen on the inside as well
The first camp with 140 cildren takes place in October
More and more is being completed, like the entrance from the patio

Tess Subido is giving well needed water
for the newly planted decorative flowers
View from inside the property

Ready for occupancy!

This building project has been an interesting journey. From the first contact with 
Swedish donors, lengthy discussions in the Board-rooms until the Swedish Auto 
retail company BILTEMA (which now greatly diversified its products) decided 
to be the main sponsor.
Its been a project where every one has pitched in. From the Mayor of Rodriguez, 
who approved the project, to the positive contacts with the Municipal Chief Engineer, 
our contractor - Kedaca Construction, our main architect Mark Bagasbas and 
many others ...to the Armed Forces of the Philippines who after proper permission 
from CENRO helped us to cut down some of the mangotrees to make room for 
the building. Lastly the Electric Company MERALCO went out of their way to 
energize the building.
A big THANK YOU, to all who all have been involved in big and small ways.

To God be the Glory!

We are now looking forward to continue with the rest of the project. 
Check out this blog from time to time and you will see interesting developments.

Thord Dahl

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