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Hills of Grace - A Vision turned into reality

Vision turned into reality - a recap.

September 25, 2009 is a day that I probably will never forget. I was in the city of Cagayan de Oro on the island of Mindanao way down south in the Philippines. I had been there a couple of days to see what the Scandinavian Children´s Mission had done there in the past.
A few weeks earlier I had sent a project proposal to Sweden for a Children´s Village to be built in Manila – a long time vision of mine – to someone that I actually did not know. Well I knew to whom I sent the proposal but from there I had no clue. …to make a long story short, there in Cagayan de Oro I received the information via a mail that more than 50% of the total projected cost now was secured.
The Vision is now little by little turning into Reality.
After this things started to happen fast. We found a plot of land suitable for our purposes. After several weeks of bargaining we finally agreed on a price and the property was legally ours some time in April the following year (2010). Buildingplans were fast-tracked and in August the Board of the Mission approved a Master Plan which just a few weeks later was submitted to the Authorities for a Building Permit.
The Building Permit is ours


Mid December the Building Permit was granted and already by mid January 2011 heavy equipments started to move in.

Unfortunately trees had to come down

The first excavation along the main road.

A lot of soil is trucked away.

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