onsdag 9 mars 2011

Hills of Grace

Hills of Grace is the name we´ve chosen for the site where several new projects will be implemented under the Scandinavian Children´s Mission Phils. Inc.
Why "Hills of Grace"? Well, the property the Mission bought for these projects is -a Hilly area-, and we want to see the Grace of God being poured out from this place to needy young people here in the Philippines.
There are 60 Mango trees on the property

Our Vision:
1. The whole idea with this project is to build a Children´s Village that will be caledl "The Open Heart  Children´s Village". When complete we will find 10 houses, with a mother in each, that will give love and care to abandoned, neglected and abused children. Here, at the Open Heart Children´s Village, we will try to recreate the family setting that the child has lost.

2. A Maternal and Child Health Care program - when fully developed - will reach out to a whole Municipality in the north eastern part of Manila. The center of this medical work will be at Hills of Grace.
A pediatric clinic as well as pre and post natal care for young women will be set up.

3.The Mission will also shift its central administration from downtown Manila to the Hills of Grace.

4. Besides these projects we are planning a Church Hall and Multi Purpose area where a lot of other activities will take place.
Several structures are already in place

This blog envisions to give you an insight into the development phase of  these projects. Right now we are at the building stage so there will be a lot of "hard cement" in the beginning of this blog. But as the days go by children will start to move in and the whole Hills of Grace will become that wonderful Child Friendly Space it all along was intended to be, where God´s Grace will be ever present.